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Skepticamp-2010-flame-100 SkeptiCamp Phoenix
January 26, 2013
Phoenix, Arizona
Skepticamp-2010-flame-100 Surfcoast Summer SkeptiCamp
February 9, 2013
Airey's Inlet, Victoria, Australia
SkeptiCamp5280-icon Fort Collins SkeptiCamp
February 23, 2013
Fort Collins, Colorado
Skepticamp-2010-flame-100 SkeptiCamp Ottawa
February 24, 2013
Ottawa, Ontario
SkeptiCamp Chicago 2012 Logo SkeptiCamp Chicago
March 2, 2013
Chicago, Illinois
SkeptiCamp5280-icon SkeptiCamp Denver
April 27, 2013
Castle Rock, Colorado
SkeptiCamp5280-icon SkeptiCamp Colorado Springs
June 29, 2013
Colorado Springs, Colorado

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