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For those events that can offer t-shirts, someone is needed to fill this role.

This includes:

  • working with Sponsorship Czar and Lead to determine number of shirts needed and overall budget
  • coming up with a few proposed designs
  • having several others choose a good one
  • getting logos from the Sponsorship Czar (if it's decided to include logos on the shirts)
  • creating the final proof
  • having several others verify the proof (there may be problems yet to fix)
  • finding a t-shirt printer who can produce the shirts within budget
  • determining the sizes necessary
  • submitting the design and picking up the shirts (or having them delivered)
  • bringing them to the event
  • working with the Lead to ensure there will be volunteers available to help man the table where they are distributed

Note that if attendance is not free of charge (where you're charging a nominal fee to attend) you probably don't want to feature sponsor logos on the shirt.

An experienced graphic artist is often a good person to fill this role.

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