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#Linda Rosa
#Linda Rosa
#Emily Rosa
#Emily Rosa
#Chelle Costello

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General Info

2018 Skepticamp will be held Saturday, January 20, 2018

The doors open at 12:30, and talks begin at 1 pm. Mulligan's has good food, and attendees eat and drink throughout the day. We meet at our regular Saturday evening meeting place, which is at Mulligan's Pub (in the original back room on the south side of Mulligan's).

The 'Camp usually lasts until about 6:30 pm or so, and then we have an after party, sometimes playing board or card games! Invite your friends.

RSVP or Sign-up to Present by Editing this Wiki


Sign up for presentations here. Please give the name and short description of your presentation along with time of your presentation - 15 or 30 min.

Here are some links to previous Skepticamps to give you some idea of the kind of talks we have had in the past.

  1. First talk goes here

Each presentation has extra time allowed for discussion, questions and comments, plus breaks and an after party for all the socializing and carrying on of said DQC. We know how we are.

RSVP to Come !

To RSVP, click the blue "Edit" button up above, and on the edit page, please put the next number at the bottom of this list with your name. There are 35 seats available.

  1. Brian Cottle
  2. Hans Masanetz
  3. Jamie Flosom
  4. Linda Rosa
  5. Emily Rosa
  6. Chelle Costello
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