Doors open at 12:30, and talks begin at 1 pm on January 24 at Mulligan's Pub in the back room. The Camp usually lasts until about 6 pm, and then we have an after party! Invite your friends.

Editing the WikiEdit

Unlike previous Skepticamp Wikis this one uses less HTML code.  It works more like your email platform than a pure HTML creation site.  YAY! To edit, create a Skepticamp Wiki account.  After you edit you can add a summary of your edit on the right.  Then click "publish."  If you have difficulty, please contact Vicky Weber (Secularknitter) at

A good Skepticamp talk encourages discussion, which means a good 'Camp needs comments, questions and a fair bit of humor. See you there!

Speaker Schedule Edit

12:30 Set-up and Welcome (Jamie and Crew)

1 p.m. Larry Sarner "TBD" (30 min)

1:40 Vicky Weber "The Rhetorical Suicide of Leelah Alcorn" (15 minutes)

2:00 Linda Rosa "The Neverending Fight to Keep Fluoridation & Our Teeth" (30 min)

2:40 BREAK

3:30 Panel Discussion: Art and Cultural Appropriation

4:15 BREAK

4:30 Vicky Weber: Discussion of a Secular Website for the Western Region

4:40 Caleb Hendrich "The Myth of an Objective Media" (15 min.)

5:00 Jenn Roche "Loyalty as skeptical community: An intro to Josiah Royce' (15 min)

5:20 After Party Against Humanity!

Sign Up to Come!Edit

We can fit about 40 people.  Bring your friends. Please add one name per line. These are seat reservations. Your name will get a number automatically through the power of Wiki!

  1. Vicky Weber Presentation "The Rhetorical Suicide of Leelah Alcorn" (15 minutes)
  2. Joseph Teixeira
  3. Brian Cottle
  4. Hans Masanetz
  5. Jamie
  6. Linda Rosa - The Neverending Fight to Keep Fluoridation & Our Teeth (30 min)
  7. Caleb Hendrich - The Myth of an Objective Media (15 min.)
  8. Larry Sarner (30 min presentation)
  9. Lalie
  10. Robert
  11. Luke Sinden
  12. Laurie
  13. Bill
  14. Dave Tuttle
  15. Brenda Tuttle
  16. Nigel Aves
  17. April Undy
  18. Ann-Marie Phalen-Hartman
  19. Madeleine Effner
  20. Morgan Sneed
  21. Adam Hirschhorn
  22. Jenn Roche "Loyalty as skeptical community: An into to Josiah Royce' (15 min)
  23. Ryan Dow
  24. James A. Kulacz
  25. Elizabeth Kulacz
  26. Sarah James
  27. Jon Erickson
  28. Wendy Campbell
  29. Brook
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