Promotion of the event is ultimately a shared responsibility for anyone looking to participate in an upcoming SkeptiCamp event. The first rule of SkeptiCamp is to talk about SkeptiCamp. Everyone collaborates to get the word out.

Nevertheless, it can help to have someone who can coordinate a larger effort to get the word out -- to get mentions in both skeptic and regional blogs, for example.

Schmoozing is a valuable skill for the Communication Czar to have, as well as the ability to communicate well in interviews.

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Locally written blogs and podcasts are a key asset. Encourage their creators to plug their participation.

Utilize social networking tools, such as Facebook and Twitter to stay in touch with participants and provide updates.

Providing a constant stream of updates on progress, as well as interacting with participants in the weeks leading up to the event, can help build enthusiasm.

Keeping the organization in social media: open video conferences, chat, etc. provides opportunities for people to get involved and stay in the loop.

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Traditional forms of media may be pursued as well, such as alternative weeklies and even radio.

If outreach is a goal of your event, the Communication Czars might be good candidates for coordinating it, though this is unexplored territory as of yet.

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